What Is A Reverse Mortgage?

Are you in need of a company of reverse mortgage lenders in the area of Yuma, AZ? If yes, then contact Brian Lardner. They are an impeccable and trustworthy reverse mortgage lenders who offer loans to the Yuma senior citizens.

The people who are 62 years of age or above and living in the region of Yuma are eligible for a loan of this kind. Through reverse mortgages, you can convert the equity in the house you own in the Yuma area into cash. A normal mortgage involves you paying back money but these mortgages pay you.

If you are someone who needs cash flow each month, that can be done. The process works like this:

  • No payment for the loan provided you reside in the house
  • Once you leave that home, reverse mortgages have to be paid
  • The rate of interest has to be paid with the loan principle


Benefits Of Reverse Mortgages For The Yuma Homeowner

Our reverse mortgages professionals serving the area of Yuma can be useful in zeroing in on the way you want the money to be paid to you. Usually, money is paid to in the following ways:

  • Routine payments every month
  • Lump sum
  • Credit line
  • Combination of these methods


Our experienced reverse mortgages experts are here to help you understand all about the reverse mortgage pros and cons.

For residents who are aged 62 and above, this kind of mortgage can be a valuable asset in the area of Irvine. You are assured of a regular income by opting for this mortgage, and you would never be short on money, all thanks to your Yuma property.


Reverse Mortgage Lenders For Yuma Residents

Even if there is a drop in the housing market, the reverse mortgage you make with us will protect you from all that. We can help you in assessing your financial situation and reviewing the various reverse mortgages available in the Yuma area.

We are one of the most preferred mortgage brokers in the area of Yuma and will be of great help in:

  • Searching for right reverse mortgage for you
  • Making sure you understand reverse mortgages
  • Helping you fill out the paperwork correctly


Call 805-434-5226 to learn about reverse mortgages in the Yuma area. Brian Lardner offers exceptional reverse mortgage services.