What Is A Reverse Mortgage?

We operate with one goal in mind, and that is to provide reverse mortgages to seniors in Goodyear, AZ. But, first, it is important to understand the reverse mortgage definition before you sign the papers.

Reverse mortgages are loans for retirees and pensioners in Goodyear, allowing older borrowers (age of 62 or above) to convert the equity in their property into cash. Home equity is a valuable asset for seniors. With home equity, senior citizens are able to receive tax free funds and enjoy a financially secure life. No income or credit score is required to qualify. People release home equity through reverse mortgages for a wide range of reasons, including:

  • Receive addition income
  • Pay debts
  • Renovate home
  • Help grandchildren

Benefits Of Reverse Mortgages For The Goodyear Homeowner

It can be quite difficult to make ends meet on a fixed income in the form of pension or superannuation. Apart from your everyday needs and bills, you may need to find extra money to pay for health insurance or medical bills. That is why many older people in Goodyear are turning to reverse mortgages as a solution. Reverse mortgages allow Goodyear homeowners to take out the equity from their home when needed. Homeowners can choose to take out a lump sum, or to have monthly payments made to them.

We have extensive experience in originating reverse mortgages for Goodyear citizens. Here are some reasons why you should let us handle your needs related to reverse mortgages in the Goodyear area:

  • Quick and smooth loan process
  • Know the status of your file
  • Accurate answers to all of your questions

Reverse Mortgage Lenders For Goodyear Residents

Reverse mortgages can help retirees in Goodyear improve their income streams by using their most valuable asset-their homes. We provide the expertise from years of experience in the Goodyear area to find the equity release solution to best match your needs and circumstances. As a mortgage broker, our role is to:

  • Educate and inform you with the right information
  • Create the right solution for you
  • Do all the complex work for your loan application


As the leading mortgage broker, we have access to the best reverse mortgages available in the Goodyear area.

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